Best GPS Tom Tom

The best GPS system is the Tom Tom manufactured by the leading Dutch Company of the same name. There are clear directions given in a manner that is safe and very helpful,

Having been a passenger in a car with this system fitted in the middle of rush hour traffic in the centre of Birmingham, the UK's second city, the system is personally recommended!!!

'Jane', as the lady's voice had been nicknamed, gave her instructions in a calm and very clear voice. The Tom Tom system had been set up for our journey at the start. We travelled along following her instructions and got into quite heavy traffic. The 'when it is safe to do so' instructions were given within a sensible time frame to execute the direction. When it turned out to be impossible to do so with the traffic conditions, the voice stopped, we went on our way, and a moment or so later again 'Jane' gave us our new instructions from where we were then. We navigated Birmingham with few worries. Quite impressed!

Jane in action
'Jane' in Wessex

This was a family holiday for our grandson's wedding and we navigated other environs of Birmingham and the surrounding district, plus other parts of the country, on both motorways and country lanes. 'Jane' never missed a beat!

So what have they got, the best GPS Tom Tom actually have several types of navigation system apart from the in car variety that surprised and impressed us, there are now mobile varieties which we introduce below.

In Car navigation

Brilliant systems from the GO Live 1005 Europe down to the Start Regional Black. It rather depends on your needs. All are very good.

There are also some refurbished ones which would suit a try out or a less expensive start.

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Other systems

Accessories There are plenty of accessories for the GPS system.

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Bike Navigation systems The Rider Pro Europe, the Urban Rider Europe and the Urban Rider Regional. Three systems set up for the motor bike.

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Sports Watch GPS Intriguing this one, has won innovation awards. For the many runners who visit this site.

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Makes a difference to your game.

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All together the best GPS Tom Tom system now is getting more and more innovative ideas. Keep an eye on them!