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Wessex has many outstanding authors from Thomas Hardy onwards and today is no exception. Here we will add interesting books by local authors, but not necessarily about Wessex.You may also find them reviewed here.

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Your Place or Mine Author: Joan Hollingsworth. Paperback. Many folk feel the need to leave the British winter behind and find warmth in the sun. Some decide to make a sunny clime their home. Others love the idea of restoring an old property on the Continent. This interesting and intriguing book by local author, Joan Hollingsworth, illustrates over three years their adventures in relocating to the Continent in two countries. Joan to an apartment in sunny Cyprus and Pat to a restoration project in France.

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Meintji Author: Wilhelmina Wolff. Paperback. Innocence in the midst of war. Meintje is a child of World War II living in Holland and in 1939 she is four years old. This poignant book relives memories during the war from that child's point of view. Enchanting and innocent, but horrific as one realises the import of the background to devastating incidents and events. The Gestapo, starvation, bombing, the Resistance Movement. All told from the memories of innocent childhood right through to the Liberation in 1945. A beautiful exquisite book.

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