Best Boots and Shoes for hiking and all your pursuits

Your best boots and shoes, for all occasions, the latest fashion, or the best in hiking, cycling, footwear of all types. Whatever your need, shoes for work or cosy, comfortable leisure, holidays or sport.

Hikers enjoying the countryside.
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Thousands of us love shoes, shoes, shoes!!!! We have collections for all occasions. One day I was in someone's house. In her bedroom the whole of one wall was taken up by a beautiful ceiling to floor glass cabinet, with a black rose all over design. The cabinet was the showplace for all her collection of lovely shoes of every hue and design. Stunning!!!! Brilliant idea.

Perhaps you want to add to your collection, or just need a new pair. Have a special date or may be an event to go to. Taking up a new sport or need some more shoes or boots for your hobby.

Are you a hiker, a cyclist, an athlete, etc you need footwear that adds to your performance and comfort.

A comfortable fit is essential, not only for performance, but foot health. Feet are our under standings, they must give us years of wear and we must look after them.

Are you going for an interview? A new pair of shoes gives confidence and can look good. Make sure they fit properly though. A hurting shoe shows in the face, hard to hide!!!! Goes for all occasions!!!

Holiday or short break? Shopping for footwear to add to your pleasure. (We do not need an excuse!!) Have fun.

On the right you will find good vendors with shoes of all types. Browse the stores, there is little doubt you will find what you need.

Treat yourself!

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Tips for buying the best boots and shoes

Your feet are unique!!!

Are the shoes right for you? Fashion is important true but should not be everything unless of course you have pots of money! Do they enhance your feet? Do they meet performance criteria for your sport? Are they right for the environment you require them for? There are boots and shoes for all occasions and the best boots and shoes for you are the ones that meet the criteria and above all fit perfectly and are comfortable.

The shoes and boots must be the right size. You should be able to fit your finger from the end of your biggest toe to the end of the shoe. The width should be comfortable with no pinchy places.

Are the arches of your feet, low, intermediate or high? It is important to buy walking or cycling shoes that fit the arch of your foot as well as the right length and width. Stability and balance are the aim after all and without the correct fitting in the middle of the shoe the potential and comfort of the wearer is impeded. Even more important for children.

What sort of socks/stockings do you intend to wear with the footwear? Put them on to try the boots or shoes, they are after all the lining between your feet and the shoes and it can make a difference to the fit. Actually the right socks/stockings are as important to comfort as the shoes themselves.

What other clothing do you intend to wear with the footwear? That might sound a little silly, but the ladies will understand! Do they go with what you are wearing? Are they the right height for your clothes?

How high are the heels? With fashion shoes this is important and ladies don't high heels look good!!?? We must however temper this with practicality!! This little article "Heels, heels, heels", is good on the topic of high heels!

Are the shoes flexible? The shoe or boot must bend at the right place where your foot bends. Feels awkward if it does not and the footwear is not efficient. Flex your feet up and down, first separately then together.

Do you have one foot larger than the other? Buy the larger size.

Are you an athlete, perhaps a walker or a cyclist? Go to a good store that understands your needs. Your feet are an important part of your performance and the right footwear is an investment. Recognise that the footwear does not last forever even if you have paid a lot for it. You would replace the tyres on your bike when they wear down. It is the same for your footwear.

Are you many years young? Like you your feet change as the years go by. Re check the size and shape of your feet again, they will not be the same as they used to be! Balance is important. Make sure that the shoes are supportive and fit well. Check the forward motion, do they feel comfortable or could you trip?

Buy footwear at the end of the day. Feet may be as much as half a size larger then! Often the cause of the wail "My feet are killing me".

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