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Your best car rentals are available all over Wessex, not just at the airport

Touring Wessex is a real pleasure. From main highways to delightful little country lanes that beg your exploration. From mystic moorland to coastal towns. Ancient and modern combine to create an enchanting ambience.

Touring gives the best of all worlds, one can see so much, but one must not travel all the time on the motorways, just use them to get from A to B. Instead explore the lovely lanes where you will find exquisite hide aways.

Maybe choose Devon and drive along the south coast, cross the county and then have a look at the north coast, totally different. You could also visit Dartmoor. Dorset has some beautiful country lanes as well as the Jurassic coast. Dorchester is the centre of Thomas Hardy's Wessex. Wiltshire is Stonehenge country, while Somerset is famous for its green hills and Zummerset Zider. What about the Isle of Wight, now there is a delightful touring holiday,. Another idea would be to take a tour of the famous cities of Wessex................................

Hire car by pond in Crawley

The scene above is one of Hampshire's enchanting little spots. There is a hire car in the picture that was the holiday joy for the site authors.

Of course you will need a car if bringing your own is not an option. Or if you have come to Wessex by train, plane or coach as it might be that you love to be green. Whatever your reason there are motor vehicles of all descriptions on this page. One will be right for you in size, convenience and of course price.

Car Rentals have an excellent range of vehicles from many different car hire companies with lots of pick up points all over the region. Even all over the world. So if you are coming from overseas and need a car in more than one country this site is ideal for you. Local - just as good!!! You will find your favourite car hire firm there. One of the best car hire comparison and booking sites.
Note - there are no booking fees - not a cent over the rental for the car.

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