Best Smart Phones

Most folk have them, the best smart phones are probably the most essential piece of equipment in our daily lives we own nowadays whether that is social, business or play. I hardly think we could do without them now!!!

The Communication Tool!

Yes but it is more than a communication tool, it is also 

The Information tool.

We use it and do not think about it!! It is set up for what we need daily. What about our holidays and short breaks? Of course I would take it I hear you say - what for - keeping in touch with friends on facebook, tell them what a good time we are having!! Great.

But it could save your life!

Are you planning a walking holiday or a cycling one? May be you are experienced, or may be not. Have you thought about your smart phone then? Is it set up with the right apps or phone numbers that could get you out of trouble? If you are experienced you probably have, but if not think about it!! Accidents happen when we are not expecting them. British weather has its reputation for real and can catch you out!!!

If you have the car even then a smart phone can be very handy when things go wrong.

Check out your phone. Is it reliable, is the battery OK? Do you have the right contacts in there? These days just as important as making sure your tyres are pumped up, your boots are good or there is petrol in the car!

Check out the coverage of your smart phone plan. Does it cover the area you are visiting, some out of the way places are not covered.

GPS gadgets are handy too for keeping track of where you are, but the smart phone could get you out of trouble unless out of range. Both great bits of safety equipment!!

If you do need to get a new smart phone or want to change your plan, these folk can help. They are probably one of the most popular of the suppliers of both phones and plans. Got the best smart phones!!

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