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There are other sites that may well interest you and add to your experience on this site, so below we list some of those resources.

Enjoy your journey.

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Travel Wessex Resources

These appear mainly on our page "All Sorts of Everything", but you may wish to follow up and see what else is on their site.

Stover Canal Society

Dedicated to the preservation of the Stover Canal in Devon. Sterling work.

Vegan Weight Loss

Do you want to go on holiday without gaining weight? Or maybe even lose a few pounds? Walking will burn calories mile after mile. To supercharge your slimming program, modify your usual menu with some ideas from vegan-weight-loss.com. The site owners cooked for a weight loss spa and they share many of their food secrets.


Go and have a look! This site aims to photograph every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland. Warning - if there are places you love you could be on there for hours!

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Travel Sites that complement Travel Wessex

Open Paths and Trails

This wonderful site explores named paths, trails, walks, ways etc in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Also walks described by organizations concerned with UK Local government, Protected Areas, Visitor Organisations as well as details of Walking Groups and of other bodies concerned with Walking in the UK.

The site includes paths in Wessex. Well worth visiting. Recommended.

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Other Travel Sites

Some of these sites also complement Travel Wessex in many ways. Certainly all of these sites are worth visiting even if you do not intend to go there yet.

First Choice Holidays

First Choice holidays are all about good value. There are bucketloads of deals to suit every kind of budget, with everything from family breaks to adults-only options and once-in-a-lifetime getaways in the catalogue. Worldwide.

Durban Tourism

Durban tourism is geared towards taking care of all your needs while you are visiting this gem by the sea.

Discover France with experienced travellers

Who share with you a decade of travel tips, information about specific regions and sites and language helps. Come with us as we explore the hidden gems, cycle the Loire Valley, explore chateaux, and sip wine in the Burgundy region. Let our favorite country become your favorite country. La plus perdue de toutes les journées est celle où l'on n'a pas ri. Sébastien Roch Nicolas.

Love Holidays 

Or are you looking for sand, sun and sea? Do you want to just discover something new?  Try this link above.

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Links to Specialist Travel Directories

Travel Quest is a great directory with a strong variety of general and specialist holiday resources including cycling.


A very good directory to other travel resources is this one. Tourist orientated.

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Other websites that may be of interest

Are you enjoying this website? Want one of your own?

sitting tortoise with a laptop

I have great fun writing about something I love, certainly not work! Perhaps you have a passion or a hobby like me, would love to write about it but not sure where on earth to start. I didn't either! Perhaps you have a business website not doing as well as you think it should.You could always start where I did! Beginners welcome as well as old hands. Click on the above heading to this paragraph and enjoy!

Now there is a 90 day money back guarantee!!

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