All Sorts of Everything

As the heading of this section states, these pages are about all sorts of everything. Anything that does not fit anywhere else on the site properly and is of real interest to the reader anyway.

The pages are written by experts in their fields, some with their own websites where you can go for further information.

Readers of these pages are overwhelmingly active there is no doubt about that. The number of visitors to the Home page of this site is seriously rivalled by those who visit Cyclist and Walking Trail pages! It would seem that the outdoors is well and truly king.

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Geograph is an interesting and amazing website. Their aim is to photograph every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland! Anyone can join in!! Go and have a look. Is there a favourite place you love or a place you want to visit? Type the name in the search box and enjoy some intriguing images.

A page can be found on this site honouring their work.  Examples of their art can be found throughout Travel Wessex.  

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Self Defence for Women

Fantail Combat Jeanette Hart

An excellent and important article here by Jeanette Hart who is an experienced instructor in the Fantail Combat Self Defence System. It is our own responsibility to keep ourselves safe. Find out how.

Fantail Combat - Self Defence.       Photo by Author, Jeanette Hart


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