Getting to Salisbury

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This is Simple. Train, bus or road

Getting to Salisbury is simple which makes it such a useful centre as a tourist base or just for a short break. With its plentiful water, Salisbury has been a cross roads for centuries. Before the advent of modern transport not only the traveller needed water but so did the horses that carried and pulled them.

By Rail

Two train lines serve the city from the station in South Western Road. Trains run from Waterloo Station in London to Exeter. Another line runs from Portsmouth to Cardiff, a pleasant cross country run stopping at many delightful places along the way - actually not a bad idea for a short break!

By bus

Another great idea for an inexpensive short break or day out would be to ride the bus  to such places as Winchester, Bournemouth, Romsey, Southampton and many more. No advance booking needed and tickets are not too expensive. A timetable can be found online on their website. You can purchase tickets online

Park & Ride

Traffic these days along these major routes is very heavy, particularly the A36. There are several Park & Ride facilities:

Look at the Park and Ride website for the latest information.

The Roads

Getting to Salisbury by road is easy from whichever direction you are travelling! Check out the park & ride options above as well.

That very ancient highway, the Great South West Road, from London to Lands End aka the A30, runs as it always has through Salisbury. For its first thirty or so miles the road is known by its modern name of the M3.

Responsible for a lot of the traffic in Salisbury is the A36 which connects Southampton and Bath, then on to Bristol via the A4 – thereby connecting two major ports. Through Salisbury it follows the Ring Road.

Another through route is the ninety mile long A338 which runs from the centre of Bournemouth to the little village of Besselsleigh just south of Oxford where it meets the A420.

A road which terminates, or starts in Salisbury is the A354 which goes to Portland in Dorset.

Stonehenge and Old Sarum  can be reached via the A345 which runs from Salisbury to Marlborough via Amesbury. For Old Sarum follow the A345 for about two miles and turn right on to Portway. The site is located on Castle Road. For Stonehenge continue along the A345 to the junction of the A303, turn left along the A303 and follow the signs.

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Salisbury plane for getting to Salisbury RH

Up and Away on holiday!!

Coming from overseas?

Getting to Salisbury is simple and so is coming in from overseas. There are several options by plane or sea, then by road or rail.

Besides the airports at Heathrow and Gatwick there are three local airports, Southampton and Bristol plus the smaller, but rapidly expanding short haul airport at Bournemouth.

By sea – Cross Channel ferries come into Portsmouth, then by train or National Express direct to Salisbury.

Remember the journey is part of the holiday!


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Salisbury Cathedral window access RH

View from a window in Salisbury Cathedral
Photo © Copyright L Temple

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Public Transport

National Express

If you do decide the leave the car at home and help the environment too, why not go National Express. They run coaches all over the country. Some pretty good fares too.

Just imagine - sit back and relax, no hassling with the traffic!!!

Do you know that you can book on your mobile phone and they will send the ticket as a text!!!!

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National Rail Journey Planner.

For train journeys all over the United Kingdom connecting the places you want to go efficiently and quickly.

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Traveline is a very useful resource for public transport throughout Wessex, even local buses. In fact all over the United Kingdom.

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