Camping Backpacks

We all know, or find out the hard way, that camping backpacks need to be spacious as well as comfortable to carry on the back. Weight and comfort is an important concept particularly if one is camping as well as cycling or walking!!! Some backpacks can accommodate surprising weights! Make sure you can carry it!!!!! They are normally measured by litres.

Rucksacks, very useful as camping backpacks, are made of soft materials which keep down the weight. Usually have plenty of pockets and also belts to enable sleeping bags to be carried as well. Handy! The terms backpack or rucksack are often used interchangeably.

When choosing a backpack the first thing to consider is its use. A backpack used for a camping holiday will be larger than one for a day out obviously. Comfort is next, will it fit so that one can wear it all day and not wear oneself out. Does it have enough pockets to accommodate the bits and pieces one needs to get at? You will need a drink, lunch, map, phone, perhaps a camera. Are you going to use a walking pole? What about your keys? One needs to get at those things.

One learns to travels light of course, keeping down the amount one carries to the essentials, but is there enough room in the main parts of the bag for those essentials? Is the bag made of a strong enough material for your use? Strength and weight of the fabric can add to the overall weight and that needs to be taken into consideration.

Getting the fit right is important. It is not how tall you are, but your overall build and how long is your back!! Obvious when one thinks about it! Get someone to measure your back, take it into account when purchasing. A camping backpack or rucksack in particular must not ride too high or too low on your back. With the bigger packs the shoulder straps must be properly adjustable both front and back,

As all women know car seat belts were never invented with women in mind, luckily the designers of backpacks know better. Women's backpack front straps are better sorted out to fit properly.

It is even worth having more than one backpack if one leads an active outdoor life. Larger ones for those camping trips and at least one smaller one for day out cycling or hiking trips.

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