Geograph A quite amazing site!!

Their objective is to photograph every square inch of Great Britain and Ireland – a stunning aim! Mind you they are talking in square kilometres but you should see the coverage!

That it is being realised is due to the thousands of keen photographers who have got on board to achieve it. Many of them are excellent camera folk and even those who consider themselves only shutterbugs are seriously good.

Geograph photographers Mini meet at Babbacombe

Well known Geograph Photographers having a drink at Babbacombe. From left: David Hawgood, Barbara Hawgood, Joan Vaughan, Jennifer Vaughan, Derek Harper. Hidden behind David is Len Vaughan.

Photograph © Bystander for David Hawgood

Geograph meet at Doddiscombsleigh

More Geograph Photographers having a well earned lunch at Doddiscombsleigh. From left: Kevin Hale, Martin Bodman, Joan Vaughan, Jennifer Vaughan, Len Vaughan (leaning forward), Barbara Hawgood, Derek Harper, Stephen McKay.

Photograph © David Hawgood

Just a few of so many Photographers that give us so much visual and nostalgic pleasure.

One can get on to the site to browse for a while and can still be there three hours later! Try it. Find a favourite spot, one you love, then search to see if there is a photo of it. There probably is – and those around that and around that!!!

First you will have to join – click the register button and fill in the form. Quite easy and it is free.

You might like the idea of joining in. The community of photographers are friendly and enthusiastic. The whole region is divided into squares 10km by 10km. There are lots of squares with not many photos, so plenty of room for more despite the fact that the whole grid is nearly 80% full at time of writing.

Check out the coverage and see what others have missed. If you know an area really well, there are places you may know, a different slant on a place. If you love a place there are spots that only you can do justice to. It is possible to upload supplementary photos, a different view of a place perhaps. May be even a different time of the year. Then there is the light – a sunset or sunrise. A new camera's view of a shot. To upload is only a four step process, so not that difficult either.

If you are there just to enjoy it, you are not alone. If you want to know what a place looks like this is the place to come as many do. Moving? Want to know what the new place looks like?

Educational use is very important to the site owners and teachers should check out the ideas on the site for their classes. Educators are creative in their ideas for their class, they will probably have their own as well – go for it. Well directed lessons the children may never forget.

Travel Wessex has tried to showcase Geograph particularly in this lovely region of Wessex in amongst our own photos. It is hard to do Geograph justice, but we try. They have never asked us to do that - but it is such a good site we wanted to share it with you.

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Just some of their photos

Of thousands!!!

Thumbnails do not do justice to these photos, click on the caption to see the full picture.

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Broadmeadow, Teignmouth, from The Lea

Broadmeadow, Teignmouth, from The Lea

Photograph © Jennifer Vaughan

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