Heathrow International Airport

Heathrow International Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world and is situated only about sixty miles from Wessex. Planes come and go to every part of the globe. Most airlines fly into Heathrow. Access by road and rail is excellent.

aircraft descending on London

Aircraft coming into Heathrow.
The photo is genuine!!
Photograph by Arpingstone.

The airport is located about fourteen miles west of London. The runways have an east/west orientation and so flying into Heathrow International Airport the planes fly over London itself. Look down you may see some famous places as you descend. Makes for some interesting viewing from the ground!

Of course being such a busy airport Heathrow International Airport is also a large one and there are four terminals. It has to be to cater for over 80,000,000 people a year! Very important to know which terminal your aircraft is using! Ask your travel agent. All the terminals at Heathrow have excellent facilities and staff are happy to help. Terminal information can be found here.

If you have a disability and require help ask when you buy your ticket so arrangements can be made for your comfort. Those with special diets should also make arrangements ahead of time.

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Hotel Accommodation near Heathrow International Airport

There are many hotels in the close vicinity of Heathrow Airport for those that need accommodation before moving on, or to make it easier to catch that early flight.... Booking is suggested as soon as you can. All the well known chains are represented not far away. Your favourite is most likely to be among them.

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Getting out of Heathrow International Airport

itself and getting to south west England is not a problem. Trains run frequently, there is good access by road, hire cars are available and there are plenty of coaches.


Trains run to London and from there all over the country.

There are two good connections with Paddington station in London. One is the fast Heathrow Express and the other is the Heathrow Connect which stops along its route.

Heathrow Express at Paddington

Heathrow Express at Paddington
Photograph © David Robinson

Heathrow Express takes only 15 minutes to get to London and runs every 15 minutes. A useful service and it operates nearly 24 hours a day. Tickets can be bought on the internet before you leave.

Heathrow Connect has a longer interval between trains at 30 minutes, but even this stopping train only takes 26 minutes. The connect service also operates nearly 24 hours a day.

Both services run from Heathrow Central for passengers from Terminals 3 and Terminal 5. Passengers coming in to Terninal 4 can get a free transfer to and from Heathrow Central by travelling on the Heathrow Connect Shuttle.

London Underground

Budget minded passengers might prefer to use the London Underground. Not too much longer as it takes under an hour to get to London on the Piccadilly line. Trains run at intervals of ten minutes at the most. Three Underground stations service the airport, Terminal 3, 4 and 5 have one apiece.

Fares are cheaper than the Heathrow Express and Connect services. Also the Underground runs to other mainline stations besides Paddington.

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Rail/Air Coaches

These can be useful if you do not want to travel into London. They are a service of buses and coaches connecting Heathrow International Airport with trains at Feltham, Watford, Woking and Reading.

National Express

National Express coach at Heathrow

National Express coach at Heathrow
Photograph © Robin Webster

National Express, Britain's premier luxury coach company runs services from major airports including Heathrow International Airport. There are inter airport services as well as services to all parts of the country including Wessex. Probably not many places they do not go to!

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Road Access

M25 near Heathrow

M25 near Heathrow
Photograph by Arpingstone

The M25 is a handy road as it circles London. Be warned it can be very congested.

A4 road sign

Sometimes referred to as the Great West Road, runs to Bristol.

Road sign A30

An ancient road, it used to be called the Great South West Road and runs all the way to Lands End in Cornwall. In consequence it passes through the heart of  Wessex, Hampshire, Dorset and Devon.

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Hire Cars

Most car hire firms operate in Heathrow International Airport. It is possible to arrange for a hire car in another town if you do not wish to drive in and from London.

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Car Parking

Heathrow Airport

has a large number of car parking options for both short and long stay, including motor bikes and bikes.

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We all know that our environment is under threat and we need to do something about it. That's why the humble folks at carwow are doing everything they can to promote sustainable and green automotive solutions for the consumer.

To promote electric car adoption globally, they are developing an interactive Electric Car charging point finder tool to help EV and hybrid car owners find the nearest electric vehicle charging stations.

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Public Transport

National Express

If you do decide the leave the car at home and help the environment too, why not go National Express. They run coaches all over the country. Some pretty good fares too.

Just imagine - sit back and relax, no hassling with the traffic!!!

Do you know that you can book on your mobile phone and they will send the ticket as a text!!!!

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National Rail Journey Planner.

For train journeys all over the United Kingdom connecting the places you want to go efficiently and quickly.

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Traveline is a very useful resource for public transport throughout Wessex, even local buses. In fact all over the United Kingdom.

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Hdeathrow Airport 2

British Airways plane at Heathrow

Heathrow Tower of London

Tower of London

Heathrow Big Ben

Big Ben

Heathrow Thatched Cottage Dorset

Thatched Cottage in Dorset

Heathrow Winchester Cathedral 5

Winchester Cathedral

Heathrow Dunster Castle Somerset

Dunster Castle in Somerset

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